FirewoodFX PAMM Guide

What is PAMM ?

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a special FirewoodFX account type used by traders (fund manager) to manage their own capital and investors capital. Manager set certain fee and restriction for the investor to ensure smooth trading plan and benefical relationship between trader (fund manager) and investors.

What is the benefit of FirewoodFX PAMM System ?

Investing, fee calculation, withdrawal processing will be calculated automatically by FirewoodFX PAMM System. Fund manager can focus on the trading.
Investor can invest in a secure mechanism as Fund manager is only able to trade the fund, but unable to withdraw investor fund.
Trading performance of PAMM project also monitored and analysed, so investor can pick the suitable good performing PAMM project before making an investment.

How to become fund manager ?

To create PAMM Project, please go to .
Manager need to set the fee and restriction for each project.
After the PAMM MT4 account is created, manager need to invest as the manager capital. After the investment is processed, PAMM project will be active.
Manager capital is restricted from withdrawal as far as PAMM Project is still active.

How to invest ?

To invest in a PAMM Project, click on INVEST button in PAMM monitoring page . Investor need to enter the amount for investment.
Investment will be processed from FirewoodFX Wallet account, so make sure it has enough balance. Profit and withdrawal from PAMM account will be processed to FirewoodFX Wallet Account.
Investment will be processed within few minutes into the PAMM MT4 account.

Fee and Restriction

Performance Fee : Fee in percent that is applied to profit withdrawal.
Withdrawal Penalty Fee : Fee in percent that is applied during investment withdrawal.
Withdrawal Restriction Period : Period in days. Any investment withdrawal during this restriction period is subject to Withdrawal Penalty fee.

Profit Distribution

Profit distribution is processed during profit withdrawal.


Investor can withdraw the profit only or the whole investment.
Profit withdrawal is subject to Performance fee
The investment withdrawal is subject to Withdrawal fee if it is still in restriction period
Withdrawal can be requested anytime and is processed only at next Sunday
Withdrawal can only be processed if there is no open position on the PAMM account. Once a withdrawal request is submitted by investor, manager will receive notification and advised to close all open positions before weekend. If manager do not close all the position in PAMM account, withdrawal will be rejected with note “PAMM have open positions”.

Risk Disclaimer : FirewoodFX and its affiliate are not responsible for any losses caused directly or indirectly by PAMM System feature. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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